Here in iEnglish Centre we focus on what really matters to our students. 

Our interactive approach and realistic task-based teaching bridges the gap between the classroom and the real world. Our highly practical and functional teaching methods with a strong focus on speaking and listening skills provide our students with language necessary for everyday life communication and beyond.

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Our general English courses, closely aligned with Council of Europe and Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), are specially designed comprehensive English language programmes that help our students gain confidence in all language areas using contemporary textbooks, authentic materials and interactive whiteboards.


We combine the latest, cutting-edge technology with practical and functional approaches to teaching in order to help our students experience live, real English through video, audio clips, photographs and animations. English language becomes alive and makes studying more efficient and fun.Small groups and friendly atmosphere guarantee success and quick resultsOur students are motivated and engaged which promotes quicker learning - saving you time and money.


We offer professional English language tuitions for adults, teenagers and even children.

All our teachers are fully qualified and experienced native and fluent English language

speakers with dedication and enthusiasm for teaching.


We have a wide range of tuitions available, from individual to groups, from intensive to part-time evening, everything to suit your needs.