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English for Business and Finance

iEnglish Centre provides General Business English courses for people who wish to start a career in business or improve their language skills in a professional environment . We also provide exam preparation courses for prestigious ESOL Cambridge Business Exams. 

General Business English Courses 

General Business English is a comprehensive multi-level course in business English suitable for a wide range of in-work and pre-work learners with a clear focus on enabling our students to communicate more effectively in real-life work situations. Communicative authentic tasks and interactive heads-up approach to teaching provide our students with genuinely useful and transferable language skills that can be immediately used in their workplace. If you would like to start a career in business or are thinking of improving your communication skills at work, we provide comprehensive courses on all levels from Elementary to Advanced. In order to place our students in a suitable group, every student gets FREE 

General Business English Elementary

Business English Level Test and Needs Analysis which will help us meet your immediate language needs and requirements.

Students can work individually in small or large groups from Monday to Saturday.